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Copyright & Film Piracy

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Copyright theft continues to be a significant problem in Australia and has an increasing impact on the local creative industries.

IP Awareness Foundation research in 2014 confirmed that online film and television piracy is increasing in Australia, with 29% of Australian adults admitting to being active pirates, compared to 26% in 2013. The study also showed that active pirates are increasing their frequency of downloading pirated film and television content. Visit ipawareness.com.au for more about them.

While the majority of Australians aged 12-64 do not access infringing film or TV content online, there is growing concern that piracy activity increases with age: 14% of 12-13s pirate, which more than doubles to 36% of 16-17s and then peaks at 54% of 18-24s.

The Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Industry in Australia Report, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics, enumerated the contribution of the Australian film and television industry to the Australian economy: a significant $5.8 billion in 2012-13 despite a 12.2% fall since 2009-10. The sector also supported more than 46,600 full time jobs and generated almost $2 billion in tax revenues.

AHEDA supports the work of the Australian Screen Association and the IP Awareness Foundation

About the IP Awareness Foundation

The IP Awareness Foundation is a not-for-profit industry initiative committed to raising awareness about the value of screen content and the impact of piracy through independent research, consumer campaigns and education resources for primary and secondary schools.

IP Awareness Foundation’s curriculum-linked free online education resources include Digital Citizenship, Copyright and Cyber Safety; Persuasive Language and Making Movies can be accessed via nothingbeatstherealthing.info.

The backdrop of the latest IP Awareness consumer campaign –‘Play Your Part’ – was provided by producer/director Anupam Sharma who offered access to the cast and crew during production of the upcoming feature film unINDIAN. Shot on a working set, the 30-second campaign puts faces to the roles that make up the industry’s everyday work force – writers, make-up artists, caterers, sound recordists, costume designers – a few of the thousands of people it takes to make great films and television – and they thank audiences for playing their part by accessing content legitimately.

About the Australian Screen Association

The Australian Screen Association represents the film and television content and distribution industry in Australia. It aims to support, protect and promote the safe and legal consumption of movie and TV content across all platforms. The organisation has operated in Australia since 2004 [previously as AFACT] and works on protecting and promoting the creative works of its members. Visit screenassociation.com.au for more about them.

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