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Copyright & Film Piracy

Combating Piracy

Online piracy is one of the most challenging issues facing the creative industries today. Research shows that 21% of Australians aged 12-64 download film and TV content from pirate websites despite the proliferation of legal content services.

Few products face the challenge of being unlawfully available, globally, to billions of consumers with an internet connection. The numbers for online content theft dwarf those for other industries facing counterfeit and copyright concerns. In 2017, there were an estimated 22.9 billion visits to streaming piracy sites and 9.4 billion downloads of pirated films and TV shows.

If piracy continues at current rates, creative business will become unsustainable.

Piracy is a multi-million dollar enterprise, not just kids in a basement swapping files. Pirate sites generate hundreds of millions of dollars from advertising revenue annually, with not one cent going back to the original creators or owners of the work.

And pirate sites are amongst the most hazardous places on the internet. One in three infringing sites expose users to malicious software- or malware - that can steal personal and financial information to facilitate ID theft, or lock a computer and encrypt files so they become inaccessible until a ransom is paid.

Tens of thousands of ordinary Australians make up the industry's everyday work force - the writers, make-up artists, caterers, sound recordists, costume designers. These are just a few of the thousands of people it takes to make great films and television and whose livelihoods are impacted by the theft of screen content that not only reduces revenue but undermines investment in new films and TV shows.

About Creative Content Australia

Creative Content Australia, the film and television industries' peak body for the promotion of copyright in Australia is committed to raising awareness about the value of screen content, role of copyright and impact of piracy through annual research, consumer campaigns and education resources.

Creative Content Australia also delivers current and up-to-date information about and analysis of Australian and global copyright issues via online blog Content Café.

About the Australian Screen Association

The Australian Screen Association represents the film and television content and distribution industry in Australia. It aims to support, protect and promote the safe and legal consumption of movie and TV content across all platforms. The organisation has operated in Australia since 2004 [previously as AFACT] and works on protecting and promoting the creative works of its members. Visit screenassociation.com.au for more about them.

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